Council decides 25/2/21

Bayside City Council will make their final decision on the netball centre at Holloway road on Thursday 25/2/21. This is our last chance to voice our concerns. Please if you haven't signed already, please download the objection form below, sign and return to To help further go to Voice Your Concerns page to raise questions for the meeting or voice your concerns with the councillors directly.

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Save Your Streets

Bayside Residents for Council Accountability Inc


Whats going on?

Bayside City Council has signed an in-principle agreement to build a twelve court netball stadium over this beautiful, green, open space with no community consultation. Whilst we support Sandringham Netball, we feel that a monstrous netball facility in a small, suburban area with a narrow dead-end street will create a dangerous traffic environment that will place the lives of children, including those playing netball, at risk.