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Dec 23, 2020
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I understand the concern raised by residents locally about the Netball Center construction at Sandringham College. However, I first ask, where was this same anger during the construction of the apartment towers which have stained our beautiful suburb. All this anger towards a Netball Center yet no anger towards the apartment towers which stand out like a sore thumb, its residents staring into our homes. I saw no signs no opposition to this extent during all the apartment complexes being build along Bay Road yet now everyone's united against a Netball Center ... hypocritical much. My children attend other local schools however the opportunities the Netball courts provide are immense. The local school Sandy College will benefit immensely and the students and community will alike share these beautiful facilities. I understand the traffic aspect along Holloway Road, it will increase but this project is for the better, these facilities all of us can enjoy, an amenity for the girls of our suburb. Lets get onto what the signs outline, Wetland destruction, this is a blatant lie. There is no wetland or local environment destruction from the Netball construction. In fact the proposal includes the planting of additional trees so this is a blatant lie. The only wetland and local environment loss has come through the construction of those disgusting apartment towers along Bay Road, those have disrupted the local environment such as the Heathland sanctuary, this netball project does no such thing. But yet no opposition or signs in opposition to the construction of those towers ? Noise Pollution is a concern and yes that is a good point raised. I agree on the points raised about that issue. However, again noise pollution has increased significantly around the suburb as the masses pile into the ugly towers on Bay Road. I understand why locals are concerned but I cant help but feel this response is hypocritical to say the least


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