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Whats Going On?

Bayside City Council has signed an in-principle agreement to build a twelve court netball stadium over this beautiful, green, open space with no community consultation. Whilst we support Sandringham Netball and the Sandringham College school upgrade, we feel that a monstrous netball facility in a small, suburban area with a narrow dead-end street will create a dangerous traffic environment that will place the lives of children, including those playing netball, at risk.

A review with Sandringham District Netball Association in 2017 concluded that at least 2 indoor and 12 outdoor courts were needed to meet the current needs of their players with a further 3 needed for future expansion. Bayside City Council reviewed at least 10 sites and Holloway Road was near the bottom of the list. The Wangara site was chosen as the best location. The council removed the current tenant and completed initial studies and concluded it was viable to move forward. After spending more than $2,000,000 of rate payer's money the councillors have made a last minute change of site. Bayside City Council has decided to combine this facility with the Sandringham College redevelopment, so they do not have to go through standard community consultation and planning. The proposal at Holloway Road will not meet the needs of the Sandringham Netball Association with no room for expansion, while impacting local residents.

Here is a larger version of the plans.

There are a number of issues the local residents have with this netball centre:

Health & Wellbeing

  • Adverse effects on the health and wellbeing of local residents resulting from evening and weekend noise and light pollution. They want to run these outside courts till 9:30 every night with whistles, lights and crowds. How can any of the locals have any peace and quiet in their homes. Some courts will be 10 metres from people's bedrooms.

  • During Covid this green space was an outlet for many locals for their mental wellbeing. A recent study of local areas found bayside residents had one of the smallest green space close to residents' homes. 

Traffic impact and safety

  • Significant impact on weeknight peak hour traffic flows for Holloway Road, Holloway Close, Bluff Road, Bay Road, Cooke Street, Green Parade, Park Avenue, Miller Street, George Street and Wangara Road.

  • Weekend Traffic of 2500+ players along with spectators. These are narrow residential streets already with parking restrictions from Tjilatjirrin Reserve sports along with community use of halls  in Sandringham East Primary School.

  • Increased volume of traffic, including oversized vehicles, such as coaches, in a residential area, will lead to increased hazards. There has already been incidents of emergency vehicles not being able to access properties.

  • Parking during existing out of school hour's events already creates access issues for residents during such events. Experience shows that attendees to such events disregard school parking facilities in favour of on street parking, sometimes across residents driveways.

  • New parking restrictions will not allow any residents to have friends or family over on the weekends as they will be limited to 1 hour parking if they can even get a park.

Here are some documentation provided by council on the traffic report and the proposed parking restrictions. The traffic report was done during Covid and using historical data so it is unknown how accurate it is.

Environmental Impact

  • Failure to  consider the impact of the flood lights, noise and rubbish on the Bay Road Heathland Sanctuary habitat area and other indigenous animals in the area.

  • Noise pollution in the residential areas from whistles, sirens and crowds during matches and practice sessions.

  • Noise will also cause a major disturbance and distress to elderly residents receiving palliative and dementia care living in the adjacent facilities.

  • Heat radiating from these concrete courts over summer will radiate to the Sandy Hill apartments.

This proposed space is bounded on three sides by residential facilities, including multiple nursing homes who will be severely impacted by light, noise and traffic late into the night.   This facility will destroy a community - please support a safer venue that meets the needs of all affected.